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I wanted to buy this Antec NEO ECO (is this a good model btw?) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371031&name=Power-Supplies

However, I came across a problem; it says "power cord not included." What does that even mean?
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  1. it means the cord that plugs into the psu, and into the wall, is not included. its a very standard cable. i probably have 8-10 of them. if u have your own you can use it.
  2. It means just what it says does not come with the power cord i would just get this if you have no power cord you could use Antec HGC M 620W
    Seasonic made, 80Plus Bronze, modular, 48A of 12V power, 3 yr warranty
  3. The powercord doesn't come with it.
    Easy pickup from ace hardware or a local computer shop.
    i.e. this:

  4. Yes,it is wrong power cords,easily pick up from power cord manufacturer as:
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