Inspiron 530s with Pentium D SL9QQ?

I have an inspiron 530s with an Intel Celeron 450 2.2GHz and I recently bought an Intel Pentium D SL9QQ 945 3.4GHz and when I installed the pentium, the cpu fan was going really fast, and the light on the front of the pc is yellow and it just runs. Nothing shows up on screen, it doesnt even shut off the pc.

I ended up putting back the celeron and its working again.

I dont want to have to put the pentium to the side, why is it acting like this?

Motherboard: Dell 0G679R A00
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    The Celeron 450 is a Conroe Processor based on the Core architecture. The Pentium D 645 is based on Netburst. The 530s never shipped with a Netburst AFAIK, so the motherboard must not support it.
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