Cheap system with wifi that runs Skype/VoIP (video chat)?

Hi guys,

I am looking for a computer which has the following properties:

cheap (<£100)
silent (will be always-on, in a bedroom)
wifi adapter
runs Skype/VoIP (video chat).

While the Raspberry Pi with an added wifi adapter is a neat option, these are hard to come by; I need this machine ASAP.

So far, the Sumvision Cyclone Nano shows promise.

However, while Sumvision's website says the platform supports Skype, the specification says nothing about how to get audio into the device (USB microphone?), and webcam support is stated as "being developed" (though I found some forum where some guy said that plugging a webcam into the device worked fine).

Do you guys know of other options?

Linux/Android is preferred (I would like to have the option of running more or less arbitrary services on the machine in the future, and to be able to SSH to the machine), but is not required.

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  1. One option would be to buy a used netbook and put linux on it. Or there are those Acer ones with Android already installed. You should be able to get that for £100 and it would be silent, small, have wifi and be fine for video chat.
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