No sound after installing GTX 550 TI

I recently installed a GTX 550 TI, and soon after I installed the drivers I lost all sound.

I've tried:

-enabling sound in bios (it was never turned off)
-Uninstalled all NVIDIA Drivers including display and sound, and just installed the display without the sound drivers
-Installed my LENOVO drivers that came with the pc
-Uninstalled the Realtek Audio drivers
-I used speakers/multiple headsets

Also, when I try to right click and test the speakers it tells me "Failed to play test tone"

I made a second partition and installed Windows 7 on there and the sound works just fine. If anyone could help that would be great.
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  1. i had that same problem. make sure to go into the control panel to performance and information tools and re-fresh or re-rate your system. seems like it worked after that.
  2. I re-ran the assessment and still no sound ):
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