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Hi guys,
Just today ive started getting some weird feedback on my audio. It sounds like a tapping or popping that echos any output. This is happening from multiple programs, and on all output options (headphone jacks, usb headphones, hdmi outputs.) I did some cable management and added a multicard reader and extra fan to my case yesterday but didnt notice anything after that. I have also done a restore to before the issue, drivers are up to date, and i unloaded all audio devices in device manager and let it reinstall them all. I just cant get rid of it. As i said its like a tapping or popping echoing any noises the system makes, so when there is no sounds being played you cant hear it. I tried recording a bit of gameplay but i think fraps didnt record the issue.
Im not sure if im just hearing the noise on the video as it echos the ingame noises as it did when i recorded it.
Does anyone have any advice or ideas?
Thanks in advance, Burgies.
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  1. I hear nothing bad from that video it sounds like water is running though..?

    Maybe you updated drivers to a bad one, try a rollback?

    If you sig is accurate. ..It could easily be your speakers. My speakers emit a slight shrieking sound when idle sometimes.

    Try unplugging and plugging them..
  2. Try unplugging your optical mouse "usb". Turn down all volumes not in use in your sound options.
  3. Oh yes, I remember doing that now too. I muted some sound options and it make most of the excess sound go away. The option I muted was cd player..
  4. Thanks guys I'll give it a shot
  5. Ive tried unplugging everything etc and muting all devices and applications not in use and it doesn't make a difference. Im not sure what speakers you think i have but its coming through all outputs, not just my speakers. Ive tested usb headphones, front headphone jack, realtek controlled jacks on the back, and hdmi outputs. Could there be any chance of something grounding strangely when i was doing cable managment? And what devices drivers should i be looking at?
  6. I have tried the rollback suggested and no luck. It really seems like nothing is effecting this. Is is possible that a cable touching something it shouldnt is giving me issues?
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    Well at this point I'm not sure if we can help, just winging it I guess.

    hope somebody else comes who can help more?

    Are you using motherboard sound or a actual sound card?
    Your sig doesn't state a sound card so assumed motherboard..

    You said you updated the drivers, but maybe the bio's on the motherboard needs updating ..xO

    I don't know what it could be. I have a pair of headphones, they work in multiple jacks, but when put into some it creates noise, but not in others. Sometimes I have to fiddle with it to get no noise.

    Next is to try your speakers on a different comp if you can I guess, and see if the problem persists. Then maybe a different speaker sys than the one you are using on your comp and see if the problem is still there. To try to isolate if it's your motherboard or the speakers/headware w/e you are using that is causing the annoying sounds. Try the messing with the speaker's hardware/software settings one at a time, or go it's support site. Maybe searching for any problems it had online to see if other people have complained about that exact speaker system/MB sound chipset, and/or come up with any solutions.

    Is it really something you cannot stand at all costs? Might have to live with it if nothing pans out.. xO
  8. I have determined it isnt the speakers or headphones, as it comes from all different headphones and speakers. I have had a lgood search on the net and cant find anything to fix it. Im really lost on this one.
  9. Just for anyone that finds this post if they google a similar issue, i fixed it. It turns out the new card reader, that has sata etc had some bad cables. Getting the sata cables from it unplugged and then moved away from the motherboard, and bundled up in the back of the 5.25' bay fixed the problem. Everything sounds so clear now.
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  11. Glad you fixed it woo~

    You don't read sound from the card reader right? lol.. Strange how things can clash like that.
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