Need help finding a compatible sized graphics card

Hello everyone,

Im currently using a Gateway Dx4850-27e with built in intel graphics. The performance is okay but its just not enough to play games like tropico 4 and civilization 5 on high settings. Im connected to an 47 inch HDTV capable at 1920x1080 resolution through hdmi. I'm looking to get a graphics card that will help me play the above mentioned games at high settings(and possibly the new simcity game). No need for super high end cards as I usually stick to casual strategy games. My power supply is a wimpy 300 watts so I'm looking at getting a cooler master 600w. It comes in a package with a evga gtx 550 ti for $216 on newegg with a $40 mail in rebate. The card is 8.25"x4.38". I opened up my case but I don't know if it will fit. There's this little heat sync located not too far from the slot and it looks like it would get in the way. I took pictures but I can't find a way to post them on here. If there are any other suggestible cards and or graphics cards, I'm all ears. Thank you.
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  1. First,

    Gtx 550 Ti = bad

    Cooler Master PSU = bad

    600w = Major Overkill

    Can you measure how much space you have and what your budget is?
    And get this PSU instead
  2. Sorry, I should've mentioned my budget beforehand. My price range for the graphics card is between $100-$200 and no more than $100 for the psu. The psu you linked me to is perfect btw.

    I found out how to get pictures on here so here are two:

    I measured it out to be 7" up until it intersects the RAM because i dont know if it will get in the way or not. But if it doesn't than it measures out to 9.5" to the back of the motherboard.

    Width wise im not too sure because of that heat sink looking thing that's right next to it.
  3. The card will face toward the bottom of the case. And I'm pretty sure it won't hit the RAM.

    Your best bet is one of . Quiet cool, driver support, short, etc.

    Here's how well it does on civi 5 .

    Also, RTS games tend to be more CPU than GPU intensive.
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