My Very First Build

Ok let me introduce myself. ;)

My name is Will. My current specs are:

Intel DG31PR LGA775
Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Prescott
2GB Kingston DDR2

OK so this is my first time to build a new system given a budget of around Php 65,000.00 (I'm from the Philippines), it's around $ 1500 for you my friends. Dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate is kinda $1 = Php 43.

So my first budget would be around Php 38,000.00 ($883) because that will be my first expected salary next month. The specs are:

Intel Core i7 3770K Unlocked
Corsair Vengeance (Quad) 4x4gb CL9 (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
1TB WDC Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX) 64MB SATA Dual Processor

(I will still use my HEXA 500W)

The next salary, I will purchase:

Seasonic (X760) X-series, 760watts 80PLUS Gold
Palit GTX 670 Jetstream 2gb/256bit ddr5

I won't overclock my i7 until I get the Seasonic. So...

Intel Core i7 3770K Unlocked
Corsair Vengeance (Quad) 4x4gb CL9 (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
1TB WDC Caviar Black (WD1002FAEX) 64MB SATA Dual Processor

are these OK?
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  1. They are good but I would save up a couple salaries an get this for 1500 dolllars
  2. Why not get a SSD now and the 1 TB on your next paycheck ;)
  3. I'm assuming this computer is mainly for games. In which case I suggest you only get an i5. The i7 has the same number of physical cores however it has hyperthreading hence 4 extra virtual cores that the i5 doesn't have.

    i5 = 4 cores (physical) + 0 cores(virtual)
    i7 = 4 cores (physical) + 4 cores(virtual)

    Those 4 extra virtual cores will only be useful if you are planning on using heavily threaded applications for example video editing software. However most games don't utilise 4 cores.

    Hence I suggest you get 3750k instead.
  4. I'll be studying this applications after my thesis:

    Autodesk CAD 2012
    Autodesk 3Ds Max
    Autodesk Maya
    Adobe After Effects CS3 (Start first from basics then CS5.5 or 6)
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Review review)
    Pinnacle Studio (I miss you...)

    Looks like you guys pinpoint the exact differences and usage for 3750K and 3770K. Thanks! ^_^
  5. Up to you my friend. I don't know the ins and outs of those specific applications. However i'm glad you understand the differences now.
  6. On second notice, I researched the line of Core i series products, Nehalem, Westwell, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge.

    I saw on Wiki ( ),

    the motherboard's memory is Up to dual channel DDR3-1600. Dual Channel only. So I was thinking, my motherboard, MSI Z77A GD65, has these details.

    Main Memory

    • Support four DDR3 DIMMs 1066/1333/1600/1866*/2000*/2133*/2200*/2400*/2600*/2667*/2800*(OC) DRAM (32GB Max)
    - Supports Dual-Channel mode
    * To support DDR3 2200*/2400*/2600*/2667*/2800*(OC) ,you must install an Intel 22nm CPU

    So I can't use the Corsair Vengeance (Quad) 4x4gb CL9 (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9) ???
    Quad and Dual enclosed in the parentheses are indications of the channel. I just copied the description from my local computer store in their price list.

    Instead, buy 2 packages of Corsair Vengeance (Dual) 2 X 4 GB CL9? Am I right?
  7. RAM isn't dual, triple or any other channel. It's just RAM. If you want four sticks you should buy a set of four, usually manufacturers don't support mixed sets.
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