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Soundcard suggestion for Sennheiser HD 598

Good Evening
I have an old USB Logitech G35 that I have had for many years. My wife and kids bought me a Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones as a gift. I normally use headphones for mostly gaming, with streaming video, mp3's while working etc.. etc. I was looking for options for a soundcard that would best work for this. I haven't owned a soundcard since Windows 95-98.

I've done some research tonight and I seem to find either Creative or Asus Xonar products as the most recommended. The one thing seems to be mentioned the most is headphone amp's. As far as a budget under $200 is preferred but up to $300 is fine.

Running Windows 7 64bit, Nvidia GTX 670, Intel chip, 16 gigs of RAM. Incase you need that information. I have a PCI and PCIe spot open.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Best answer That is what I would go with. I don't recommend a pci card as you will probably want to keep your card for your next build and most boards won't have pci then as many don't now. I would stay away from Creative cards too, they have had a host of issues in the past.
  2. Thanks for the information! I'll take a look at that card.
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