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I built my first PC a couple months ago and loved it. My old PC is still in good order so I thought I would hook it up for my family and friends to use. They want to be able to get onto the internet with it. One of my gaming buddies recommended getting a router. I don't know anything about them except for some small details.

I'm a gamer so one of my concerns is getting onto servers or creating a server for others to get onto. I've heard that people with routers have a hard time with that.

This is what I'm looking for in a router:

- Firewall
- hookups for at least two PC's
- wired and wireless connections (ie, I want the PC's to connect through wires, and have the abillity to connect a labtop through wireless)
- online gaming friendly
- not sure if its possible, but the ability to connect to the other PC for LAN gaming

I'm willing to pay up to $150 for a good one. Any info would be appreciated.
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  1. Linksys, D-link, Belkin take your pick. They all make routers that have a built in firewall, built-in 4 port switch with wireless and wired together.
    As far as servers go, all you need to do is forward the ports that the game uses to the server computer.
    The four port switch allows you to network four or more in the case of wireless together to share internet, files, gameing and such.
    I have a belkin 4 port wired/wireless router that is working great. I have also used Linksys with no problems.
    Most routers you can get for 50 to 90 bucks depending on what features you want.
    Overall they all work pretty good. Find one with what you want and within your price range and go for it.
    check out the site for more info.
  2. cool thanks for the info.
  3. Been using the 4-port Linksys Router for about 6 yrs now... works like a charm.

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