Hauppague WinTV 418 BDA Tuner Not Recognized by Windows Media Center

I have a Hauppague WinTV 418 BDA Tuner Card in my computer. I ran Window 7 RC since the day it came out with no problems with the TV tuner, i.e. I could watch TV via Windows Media Center. After I did a fresh install with a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows Media Center Setup gives me the message that it can't find the tuner. The tuner does show up in Device Manager as "working properly."
I have done the following:
• Spoken with Hauppague and installed the Windows 7 drivers
• Spent nearly two hours on the phone with Microsoft (where the support was both professional and patient, by the way) and the tech remoted in, but couldn't find the problem.
• Changed the cable from the card to the modem.
• Changed the splitter to the modem.
• Plugged the cable directly into the modem.
• Removed the card from the Device Manager and reinstalled.
None of these have worked, yet every other device on my system works fine.
Does anyone have any additional ideas before I go out and spend money on a new tuner card?
Thank you.
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  1. Try going into your start, program files and open "windows movie maker". Go to "capture from video device" Click on tab. From new window go to "Video input source" set to TV tuner. Hit the "next" button on the remaing windows to see if you have a signal. You may have to try a few configurations to verify if it's working or not. If you have a signal it has to be your Media Center and not your card. Hope this helps.
  2. I have the same problem that you do with WIndows 7 after reinstall not recognizing my Hauppauge 418 tuner. Did you solve your problem? I would really like to know. My email is dheymann@usa.com. thanks
  3. I see you have tried everywhere to get a solution without a cure.
    Try removing the driver, shut down and remove the card from the pc and restart without it, then shut down again and put the card back in and see if Windows detects it and let it try and find a driver first, before trying to install the driver you have.
    Best of luck.
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