Need advice for video card upgrade

I have an HP laptop with these specs:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz

CPU Speed:
2.1 GHz

4.0 GB

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit

Video Card:
Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD

I have never upgraded a computer before and I was wondering if this laptop is upgradeable to a better video card, what a good video card to play a game like Tribes:Ascend on at least medium graphics without it lagging would be, How much it would cost and how much do people charge on average to change to a video card for you.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. 99 percent of the time a laptop is unable to have its graphics card upgraded. Without know the actual model of the laptop I cannot answer if it is in that 1 percent or not though.

    Even if it was it would be costly (and not worth it) to do so, and you would be better off buying a new laptop or building a cheap desktop.
  2. Video cards on a laptop aren't up-gradable. Best that you can upgrade would be RAM, and it looks like you've got the highest it can have.

    As said, most of the expensive laptops, might have a chance of upgrading the video card, which I don't find too reasonable though.
  3. Only some of the Gaming Laptops/Notebook types are upgradeable. And yours might not be. And most likely not. Sorry for the bad info. They don't tell you that stuff when you buy it.
  4. As others have said, you're extremely unlikely to be able to upgrade your notebook's GPU. This is the reason I try to talk people out of buying a notebook for gaming and point them toward SFF builds while in college dorms or small apartments/bedrooms. If you're bouncing between parents, a 20" display and a QPack case makes for a compact build that is both upgradable and (relatively) easily transported.
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