1. good system? 2. able to run BF 3 @ Ultra

CPU: i7 ivy bridge 3700 (NON K)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB
RAM: Corsair 16 GB (4x4) CL8
MOBO: Asus sabertooth Z77
Case: Antec P280
normal optical drive, win 7 64 bit, SSD
so yeah 1. is it balanced and 2. can it run games like BF3 @ ultra settings with a good framerate
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  1. wat's da psu?

    Otherwise it looks like it could. You can overclock the 670 supposedly to make it like a 680.
  2. get the K version for a little more. for drop to the i5 and get the k version. there is a minor issue hyper threading lowering perf. Memory is overkill but CL8 is good. get the winforce x3 in perference to the x2, i'm seeing both of them at the same price regularly.
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