Putting my Pc in a cabinet safe?

Hi guys i have an Asus essentio cm6780 series , anyway.

My desk has a tower cabinet on the bottom with the door and i wanted to make sure if its safe to keep it in there without it overheating.

When the computer is on i keep the door open and the back of the cabinet is competly opened so its not enclosed there.

I use the computer for streaming, video editing and playing rift.

I don't know how to check the temp so i'm not sure if that's safe or not.
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  1. If the door is open and the back of the cabinet does not obstruct hot exhaust, then you should not have an issue.

    Google and download a program called Core Temp (or CoreTemp) to check your CPU temps.
  2. On an old desk (now broken), I remember my dad cut hole in the back of the desk to provide easier cable assess for speakers and power cables. I think it also provided better cooling. (the desk's back was to the wall)

    Might want to think twice about it though. If you have a gaming machine it might overheat easy without new air to ventilate it. Htpc not so much.

    Otherwise what Jaguarskx said goes. I would think putting it in the pantry would be bad though. jk
  3. ok thank you
  4. oh yeah forgot to ask what temp should i be at so i know if i'm overheating?
  5. Hi :)

    I went out to a lady with one of those, it was shutting down....

    It was running at over 100c :(

    It had around 3 ml of space each side and around 20ml at back....

    When I opened the front door thing, a BLAST of heat hit me...

    I removed it and put it alongside the desk and all was fine....running at around 40c...

    So if you MUST use it...make damn sure you watch your temps...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. about the only good enclosed space for a higher end computer is a fridge.

    HTPC would work ok, mine is in the tv cabinet, no problems, but still runs hotter than sitting on top of it. (30c vs 40c)
  7. it shows core 0 is 34c, core 1 as 35, core 2 as 30 and core 3 as 33c are those good temps?
  8. Run a program like this and let it log the temps for a day. You'll see min and max temps.
  9. ok thanks, and what are safe temps so i know?
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    Usually you want to keep the temperatures under 60c under load and 30c or so when idle.

    Different processors can handle different amounts of heat, for example my i5-2430m likes to run at 90-95c under load (ouch, they automatically shut down at 100c) and 40-70c idle (depends on room temp), while AMD's Phenom II processors aren't built to run over 65ish C.

    If the cabinet is completely enclosed then it's a horrible idea to keep it in the cabinet. It's like putting a human in a plastic bag, or a coffin alive. If it has like holes in it somewhere then it's kinda OK, but having it out in the open is optimal.

    Your computer is running fine at 35c. :)
  11. Thank you, i have i core 7, and i'd hate to put it on my desk i tried that and my kitty keeps jumping on it.

    anyway yeah the back of the cabinet if completely open and my tower is only half the size of the cupboard and i keep the door open.
  12. If it's completely open in the back and the front is at least a little open, then it's fine in the cabinet.

    Edit: Keep an eye on the temps though.
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  14. noob2222 said:
    about the only good enclosed space for a higher end computer is a fridge.

    I doubt that. Fridges are only intended to cool passive loads like food. If you put a 300W heat source inside, the fridge/freezer's temperature will likely catch up with ambient.
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