Horizontal lines appearing and flickering screen in hp 6530s

My HP 6530s model suddenly started to show some horizontal lines and then the screen color became very pale later the lines increased and the screen light flickers for 2 seconds and comes back to horizontal lines mode...
Is there any problem with the internal wiring or some problem with the LCD screen of my laptop??
Please help friends....
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  1. Yes, you either have a dead screen or a dead GPU. Sorry bud, you can always try updating your drivers.
  2. I agree to the guy above. It's either broken Graphics card or the monitor. But most likely the graphics card.
  3. I think your temps got to hot and burned out your GPU or you had such a build up of dust in there that it overheated. I have seen other people with the same problem. I feel for you and I wish you good luck.
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