Should i buy a new heatsink or replace the thermal compound

Hello,should i buy a new heatsink for my dell studio 1535 or replace the thermal compound?
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  1. Why and how have you come to this conclusion for yourself?
  2. The dell continuously over heats and make a louder then normal noise when the fan operates. After some research i found that many people replace the heatsink and/or replace the thermal compound. The replacement heatsink that i have is from dell so essentially the same as before. The thermal compound is the Best Buy brand so im sure which would be the best option.
  3. I would go with the heatsink if I were you, thermal compound uses lowers temperature by 2-10 degrees (10 degrees with only the best thermal pastes and proper application), a different heatsink on the other hand would allow you to drop possibly 10-25 degrees based on the type you buy.
  4. Hi cabby172,
    which solution you have gone to, did you replace HSF or thermal paste..
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