GTX 570 video/audio stutter on all drivers...

ok so i built my rig 3 months ago and started getting a weird lag a week ago and no matter what i do i can not seem to find out what the ham is going wrong with my graphics card. randomly out of the blue it doesn't matter what im doing whether its gaming, watching youtube, moving the mouse on my desktop, have music playing, or how long i have had the computer running just out of no where video and audio will glitch and pause at the same time for about a second and keep doing it every 5 to 10 seconds. i have tried switching drivers to older ones and newer ones and after the switch it will be fine for a few hours and then it comes back. i have tried the 296.10, 295.73, and the 285.62 drivers straight from nvidia and all of them give me the same result.

my card is not overclocked or anything else in my rig for that matter and its all brand new (as of 3 months ago) no second hand parts and i have a 750watt power supply which is more than enough for what im running so can anyone give me a hint as to what i should do or have any idea what is going on?

p.s. rest of my rigs setup is in my sig :)

edit: and between skips or before they start ill be pulling an easy 60fps in most games then it will stutter and then go back to the 60fps and then stutter a few seconds later. don't know if that helps but yeah...
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  1. if the errors are mostly online game check to see if your network chipset is failing from heat or your internet connection.
    I would check that all your drivers are up to date. intel chipset drivers and the new high speed storage driver. i would also run wd hard drive test to see that the hard drive is fine. also run memtest on full ram or pull one dimm and see if the error stops.
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