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MSI N560GTX-Ti OC Hawk vs EVGA GTX560 Ti SC


I'm about to buy a new nvidia card and I prefer a 560ti.

Having a hard time choosing between these two. So which one is better in overall performance and temperature ?

1. MSI N560GTX-Ti OC Hawk
2. EVGA GTX560 Ti SC

Intel Core I7 2600 2nd gen
Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3
FSP Everest 600w 80+
Corsair 400R
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  1. MSI, especially if you're planning to overclock. EVGA is good quality and warranty. I'd go with MSI.
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    The EVGA is a reference board, while the Hawk is completely redesigned with custom components all geared towards maximum overclocking capabilities.
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