'12 GPU Equivalent to the ATI Radeon X850xt PE?

Hey, I'm in the process of getting a new system build together. My System of over 6 years' finally holding me back :(... Managed to keep her up, and running for this long. Though, now its time to build up a new baby. Mainly for Starcraft II, video editing, photoshop, and Diablo III :P.

My current GPU's an ATI Radeon X850xt PE. It was TOP, top of the line when I got it, and its managed to hold its own for these solid 6 years. I've never had a system run so well other than this one, and I am really in a bind to find a knew GPU.

I want a GPU to the performance of what my x850XT PE would be now.

Help on that would be great :).

I just want to be able to have another great GPU for the life span that my x850xt PE did.


Current Specs: (BE jealous :P)
Intel Pentium 4 640
Prescott 90nm Technology
3.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 266MHz (4-4-4-12)
Dell Inc. 0U7084 (Microprocessor)
256MB RADEON X850 Series (ATI)
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  1. Absolute top of the line:

    Radeon HD 7970

    GeForce GTX 680, although the dual GPU GTX 690 will follow shortly.
  2. There is a question and some answers. First the question. Is the type of slot of that very nice at one time the best graphics card that money can buy a AGP or PCIe type slot?

    Now you have a P4 for a CPU and with today's standards you will be very limited to what you can get in the way of GPUs. If you only have a AGP slot you are going to be realyl limited to the choice of GPUs.

    No doubt that card was way ahead of its time. Infact you could say it is the grandfather for all of the GPU's we have today. It was a very very expensive GPU when it came out.

    But the nice guy sk1939 was telling you that those cards he posted are the top of the line cards of today. I am sure he didn't realize that your system might not be able to handle those cards.

    Even if you had a PCIe slot you would not be able to run a GPU over a HD 6670 with out some kind of bottlenecking. Then we would have to see what type of PSU you have in order to put you into the right card.

    Let us know on the questions that was asked and what you think.
  3. Its a PCI-E X16 slot

    I'm doing a complete system rebuild.

    I already have the processor down (just waiting for Ivry Bridge), motherboard, ram, psu, and such.

    i5-3570K (when released)
    ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 (Im still looking at motherboards) Still not sure on which one yet
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB
    SSD 128GB (OS and such)
    550watt PSU (possibly higher but depends on GPU)

    Sorry I wasn't clearer with my intentions about the upgrade. I want a full system build. I'm very self-knowledgeable about the understanding, tech wise, on what I need. The only halter I have is with the GPUs. There are so many of them I just cant comprehend them all atm. Which one coincides with its previous gen counterpart, and such. It gets overwhelming! lol
  4. If you want a top of the line card, you should look at a PSU in the 700 watt range. Or look into some older cards in SLI/XFire.

  5. I would have to say that that the nVidia side of the pack even though the GTX 680 is so far the new one. but It is hard to say you could get two GTX 580s or 590s in SLI.

    Each 590 has two GPUs, so if you have two 590s it would be like having four cards in SLI. So each 590 haveing two GPUs and the two GPUs are equal to two GTX 570's. Follow me so far? I am almost confused.

    You could just buy a GTX 570 and wait untill all of the nVidias cards are released and that would be the 6xx series. Or you could buy a 6970 on the AMD side and wait untill more of the 7xxx series are released.

    The two top cards from AMD and nVidia are the HD 7970 and GTX 680. I don't know what the GTX 690 is going to be like as well as the AMD side. So I would keep your self to the 7xxx and 6xxx series of GPU's

    On the nVidia side keep to the 6xx and 5xx series of GPU's. Here is a chart of the hierarchy of the GPU's. It hasn't been up graded yet for the new cards. But is will still help.

    I would go with a MOBO that will support SLI/CrossFire or be able to handle more then one GPU and you might as well get a 750w PSU now so in the fucture if you decide to up grade.

    The AMD side of the pack has more to choose from in there 6xxx series of cards. I will link you to a benchmarking comparing two cards, that way you can play aroud with what cards do what.

    And by the way nice rig you are putting together. I am sorry for not reading what you were meaning it wasn't your fault it was my bad. The PSUs brands should be Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, and XFX for starters.

    There ar a lot more nice ones but these are the common ones that are some of the best. I hope all this helps you a little. Good luck.




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