I5 3570k temperature issue

today my heart missed a beat when i saw my cpu (i5 3570k ) temp go 75 C while playing calll of duty 4 for about 40 minutes !!!!
i m thinking of installing coolermaster hyper evo 212 after 1 to 2 months .......bt still isn't the temp too high ?????? (though i m using the stock cooler)
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  1. The stock cooler is not very good but if you are running at stock clocks it should work fine so maybe it is not installed very well.
  2. Those temps are perfect for your CPU. If you are still worried about it, but a decent aftermarket cooler or upgrade your case fans.
  3. Those temps are in line with Ivy Bridge with a stock cooler.
  4. for playing COD4, which AFAIK isn't cpu itensive, that is high.
    go into the BIOS and see what voltage you have for the cpu and lower it until you get aftermarket heatsink.
  5. the stock cooler is a piece of crap. Grab yourself a better cooler, like a hyper tx3 or hyper 212, they arent very expensive and will drop your load temps by over 10 degrees.
  6. Actually 75C for a non overclocked i5 3570k while playing COD4 is too much. The reference temperature for your CPU is 67.4°C (TCASE).

    What do I do if my computer is overheating? http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-029427.htm
  7. I wouldnt use the stock intel cpu cooler for any intel quad core cpu. even the old dual core e6600's had better coolers. hyper tx3 is like $15, just install one of those.
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