Cheapest power supply to run this/these cards?

I have a power supply rated @ a "MAX POWER 300 watts"

It's a power supply from 2005.

Assuming one of the above cards is plugged in my PCI express slot with no other video or sound cards, (but of course my hard drive, etc. are plugged in)

Will I be able to run either of them?

If not, then by your knowledge, what would be the cheapest power supply available to me?

Optional question: Are there cards available that work at about the same capacity as the above cards but will fit my power supply?
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  1. First thing is: Dont cheap out on PSU's.

    Go for something Cosiar, the builder series are quite good on a budget.
  2. How many watts of Cosiar brand (builder series) should I get for the above cards?
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    600W should do you fine, but make sure they have enough connectors on them. If you have a bigger budget a Sesonic PSU would be really good.
  4. i have about 115 bucks. what would you buy if you were in my shoes?
  5. NathanielH said:
    i have about 115 bucks. what would you buy if you were in my shoes?

    Outstanding value - the 10% off ends 10/22


    Shud net you under $90 for their top of line unit
  6. How about this one Seasonic, Partially Modular $75 2x PCI-E connectors. Great deal, but you should buy it now because it's on offer.
  7. the one I posted has 80 more watts than that one for the same price, wtf lol. Those don't look like good deals compared to mine!
  8. NathanielH said:
    the one I posted has 80 more watts than that one for the same price, wtf lol. Those don't look like good deals compared to mine!

    The Seasonic is a higher quality unit. You get rebate on the Corsair here
  9. NathanielH said:
    the one I posted has 80 more watts than that one for the same price, wtf lol. Those don't look like good deals compared to mine!

    As rolli59 said, seasonic is a quality unit. It powers your build with no problem and the PSU is modular, its a great deal for that price, or you can get the Seasonic S12II 520 watts if you are not interested in mudular PSU. But if you want something cheaper, a Corsair Cx Series or the Antec High Current Gamer can be a very reliable option.
  10. The Seasonic will last longer than the CX 600, and that 80W difference is negligible.

    Go for a Seasonic PSU.

    If you really want to go Corsair, go with one Seasonic made, it'll last much longer than the CX600. These are Seasonic made Corsair PSU's

    You can go with the HX650 (650W, 80+ Gold, $95 after rebate)
    The guy above me already posted a link

    Or the TX 650 (650W, 80+ Bronze, $80 after rebate,)
    That $10 will be worth it, trust me, any of the other's will likely also agree.

    The CX600, while sounding like a good deal, is made by Channel Well, which is a third tier OEM. It's not bad, but that 10 dollars is well worth it for a first teir power supply.
  11. CWT is not a third tier OEM. They're at minimum a 2nd tier right in line with delta. They make quality units which includes the original TX,and HX units. Their CX line is a budget line and is in no way should be compared to the premium lines such as the HX or the AX. Two completely different price brackets.

    Any Seasonic, Corsiar, Antec, or XFX units will do you good.

    For one powerful single gpu, a single 500-550w unit will do you good.
  12. Eh. I guess it could be considered 2nd tier.

    This guy above me knows what he's talking about more than I do XD

    If you're tight on cash, take his advice. A Seasonic made XFX PSU 550W can be found for ~$55 at NCIX US.

    Minimum for a GTX 570 is 550W, and that's taking into account all of the cheap 550W PSU's that can't consistently do 550W, or aren't 80+ Certified. Like the guy said, even 500W would be okay.
  13. If you're going to go with a 500/550W PSU, make sure it has enough PCIE connectors.
  14. no links is no deal, I'll just go with whatever's on this page is the cheapest and sanest for my budget. 60-80 bucks is my new acceptable range LOL

    :D thanks a million guys.

    & thanks amuffin, TRUETHAT!!!! Don't worry, the first link I gave was everything I needed. Definitely. I need 2 x 6 pin PCIE connectors for my GTX 570... definitely. Newegg made a (I guess super rare?) Idiotic move by sending me a card with NO installation CD or connectors to speak of. They then offered me to send it back to them for 40 bucks LOOOOL..... no way.

    & I was dumb for not coming here first to find out my opportunities. I bought a 2.5 GB GTX 570 card for 260 bucks, and isn't that about the price for a 3 GB Radeon? Isn't it? I think I screwed myself on that one and I'm really bummed out. I'm just gonna plug the dang thing in. All I wanna play is Skyrim, Oblivion, and the new super hi-textured Morrowind.

    I think the GTX 570 2.5 GB has me covered. Don't you guys think? Thanks again everyone. You're all great in my eyes, not that it matters. Remember to buy gold for family this Christmas. Country is going under unless Gary Johnson beats Obama or Romney. Buy gold every Christmas until the country crashes!
  15. You should be perfectly fine with the 570.
  16. If it's not too late, here's the link for the XFX.
  17. Here's an Antec NeoEco 620C (slightly altered Seasonic S12II 620) on sale for $35 after a $20 MIR + a $15 instant savings promo code!!

    Here's also an Antec NeoEco 520C for $45 !! after a $10 promocode CollegeSave10.

    A rebranded Seasonic S12II 520 for $45 is hard to beat imho. That's the price bracket of the cheapest PSUs i'd get (EA380D/ CX430V2)
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