HD 5970 Query :(

HI peoples!

I bought the Radeon HD5970 for my PC. This was afew years ago..

I never really thought about this till I was looking at forum posts and found that some peoples 5970's wernt using their 2nd GPU. So I downloaded GPUz to have a look see.

My 1st GPU seems fine..

The 2nd shows its inactive AND its clock and memory speed is very very low.. Less than half the stock it should be at..

Any ideas?

Or is it time to upgrade?

I have a i7 920 2.6Ghz

24 GB DDR4 (i think) RAM

and the HD 5970
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  1. run a game or some benchmark such as furmark and see if the second gpu clocks increase
    it sounds like some sort of power saving feature
  2. Oh O.o

  3. My 5970 shows both GPUs running at the same spped and settings on GPUZ. You might want to upgrade the firmware version of the card. unless you are going to Xfire or SLi there isn't really anything faster than the 5970 at present even the 680 falls behind somewhat.
  4. Ill try upgrading but i upgraded 3 weeks ago :P Is there a new one :o?
  5. Or do you not mean the GPU Drivers ATI CCC ?
  6. I downloaded Radeon Pro for their On Screen Display of the GPU's

    Its always showing 1 in use and the other doing nothing... I have idea why?

    Do some games not use dual gpu?
  7. You'll need to go to your 5970 manufacturers website and there should be a firmware and driver update. Download the latest firmware and see if that helps..
  8. What do you mean tho?

    Its a Radeon HD 5970 Black Editon Limited.

    Its AMD but all the options there are for drivers.. and im at the current one.

    and If i go to the XFX website who made the GPU there isnt any downloads at all?
  9. Sorry my mistake, It's the video card BIOS to update.

    See this link

    If the link doesn't work it's because you have to log into the website with your e-mail address. basically log in and then type in BIOS into the search and it should come up for the one with the 5970 Black Edition. It's definately there as i've gone to it with my link posted above.
    Hope this helps....
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