Can this power supply run Sapphire HD 6670 1GB DDR3

I have AMD Phenom II 925 X4 2.8GHz CPU, 1 fan and 1HDD.. Only the CPU consumes a lot of power.
At the moment I have Sapphire HD5450, 512MB. It's bad...
Power supply specification :
Linkworld LPJ9-25. Output power: 420 W
- 1x80mm fan, thermal control.
- PFC.
- connectors:
- 1x 20+4pin;
- 1 x 4pin 12V;
- 1 x 4pin Floppy,
- 3 x 4pin Molex,
- 2 x Sata
- Retail box
- packing unit: 10pcs/carton; 400pcs/Pallet;
- measurement: 1,45cbf/carton.
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  1. you missed some details there
    How many Amps does it output on the 12v rail and how many 12v rails are there?

    These specs can be found on the side of the power supply and I would recommend atleast 18amps on a 12v rail for the 6670 to run
  2. Its not a good brand of psu, but I am sure that power supply will run the 6670.
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