Windows 7 Could't run on this hardware(help)??

Hi everybody,

I want to setup a HTPC but I came to some problems. I have the following hardware:

CPU: Intel core i3-560 3.33 GHz
MOBO: ZotacITX h55 -C -E
RAM: Kingston DDR3 4GB
HD: Western digital caviar green 500GB
CASE: Lian Li

I was to begin with looking for the sollutions of ubuntu server edition. But I saw later that I couldn't get the right resolution with my tv(Panasonic Viera TX-L37GA11 // 1920x1080 (Full HD 1080p). Driver not available :(

Now I wan't to install Windows 7 home premium, but I get the follow error:
((Windows setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer.))

De hardware is good with the Windows 7 hardware requirements. See here.

Has anybody an sollution for this problem?

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  1. That's strange. The board/CPU should be fine for Win7. Did you make any changes in BIOS in preparation for going with Ubuntu? Did you let Win7 install do a format on the drive after having Ubuntu installed? Was the Win7 install done with a discrete graphics card in place or using integrated video?
    Try resetting the BIOS to its default. Maybe even removing the battery for a few seconds.
    As a side note; using a Green drive for your boot drive may be problematic. They tend to be slower than normal drives and have the habit of going into sleep mode to conserve power. Generally green drives are best suited for a secondary drive situation.
  2. Hi clutchc,

    Thank you for your reply. I have set my BIOS to default and also removed the battery for 1min. I have no discrete graphic cards for the PCI Express x 16, shame :(. But I should searching by others. I have install win7 again and format de harddisk. But again the same problem. I think it's maby the intergrated videocard. But it give well a video on my pc screen??? I CPU is likely strong enough for this.

    If you have more suggestions. Say it :D

  3. The motherboard is correct.
    The processor is correct.
    The memory is correct.
    The integrated video is part of the processor, not a chip on the motherboard. So that should be no issue. What do you have connected to the motherboard at the time of Windows installation?
  4. Output:

    - Keyboard
    - Bootable usb (kingston DT101 G2 // YUMI multiboot)
    - DVI to my pc screen.
    - Two antenes
    - Power plug


    - Harddisk
    - CPU
    - 2 USB 3 case adapter
    - PSU connect (Be-Quiet Pure power L7 300W)
    - Fan
    - Front panel header-FP1

    I see also a jumper for clear the CMOS. Is this a option?
  5. Yes, clearing the CMOS is an option. One of the options I was referring to when I said reset the BIOS to default. Usually, it's best to remove the battery and then jumper the CLR CMOS pins for a few seconds to discharge the circuit. You will have to re-enter BIOS then and change your boot order back to allowing the USB drive to boot first.

    Apparently you don't have an optical drive, therefore you're installing Win7 from a bunch of compressed files or an ISO file on your flash drive, correct? Are you installing a evaluation version of Win7? Or do you have a legal key to activate the install? I'm assuming you have a legal copy of Win7.

    I see nothing in your lists above that should be an issue.
  6. Edit: (I wasn't allowed to edit)
    I never installed an O/S to a "green" drive before, so I'm not sure if that presents any problems or not. I wouldn't expect it to...
  7. clutchc said:
    Edit: (I wasn't allowed to edit)
    I never installed an O/S to a "green" drive before, so I'm not sure if that presents any problems or not. I wouldn't expect it to...

    I don't know what you mean with (I wasn't allowed to edit)?
    But thanks for your help. I should looking for a sollution.

  8. That was me. The forum wouldn't let me edit my post, so I had to add another post. No big deal. Ignore.
  9. Yes I have the sollution!!!! It was the bootable USB with YUMI. I have change the tool in rufus_v1.2.0.
    And now it works. :) Weird that it isn't work with YUMI...

    Fabian :D
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