Video is out of symc with audio

so when i watch you tube or videos on my computer the video and audio is out of sync. the audio is ahead of the video and i can tell the video slightly lags a little. why do i have this problem, is this problem cpu related? i reseated my cpu so many times could this have been a problem with that?
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  1. No, its not the seating of the cpu as if it was seated incorrectly, it would not run at all. What are your system specs? We'll go from there.
  2. Does it happen on all video's or just certain ones? It could just be the video's.
  3. I've seen this before. A bad stick of Ram can cause this. It's a process of elimination. First see if there are any patterns as asked by rds1220. If not, run memtest86 then come back here.

    If your system is overclocked return to defaults. System Specs would be good too.
  4. its all of them il run memtest but for how long?
  5. Anonymous said:
    its all of them il run memtest but for how long?

    Usually 2 to 3 passes will be enough to show a failing module.
  6. I've seen this before, oh wait. Watch porn in moderation, that's what you get when you go waaayyyy more of the usual limit. It'll destroy your RAM
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