Screen tearing in Windows with radeon 6850

I have recently been experiencing some screen tearing in the middle of my screen. Interestingly, this does not occur when actually in a game; just when at the desktop or in a non-fullscreen program. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, and yes, they are updated.

What should I do to fix this?

Here are a couple videos demonstrating the problem. (sorry, I couldn't get the flash embed to work)

Here's a bit more info on my system.
CPU: Intel i5-2500k
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 6850
Motherboard: MSI P67a-G43
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  1. did you try to run a benchmark? See if the performance is lower than before. I had..still have issue with one of my 6950 that showed around 30% drop in performance and I noticed it when I saw my wife playing BF3. Now I'm in process of RMA the will see how will the replacement work out.
  2. I don't think I've had any major performance drops. I haven't recorded any previous benchmark scores, but Cinebench gave me 61.8 fps on opengl, and that sounds like what I remember
  3. install latest amd catalyst. If it does not fix it there is a graphic glitch in the tetris game
  4. I apologize for not being clear. I have already installed and reinstalled the latest catalyst. The glitch is not specific to the tetris game; it appears to be system wide. The tetris was merely an example of what occurs whenever I do anything, such as scroll through a Tom's article, or move a selection marquee on the desktop as in the other video.

    Another note: In catalyst, I have restored to factory settings without any change, so that avenue seems to be closed, unfortunately.
  5. Screen tearing is sometimes attributed to a low or misconfigured refresh rate. What is the refresh rate of your monitor currently set at?
  6. Does your monitor support a higher rate? 75 hz? Try increasing it, if possible, and see if this resolves your issue.
  7. I only see 59 and 60 hz from screen resolution->advanced->monitor. Switching it doesn't help. Is there another place to change it?
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    Check and see if you can force a different refresh rate in CCC.

    What model is your monitor? You should check and see what refresh rates it can handle. Normally, the refresh rates listed in the Screen Resolution properties is what it can officially support. In your case, 59 and 60hz.

    Its worth a shot checking to see if it will support more, and if so, try forcing it to a higher rate.

    I know I've seen somewhere that you can force the refresh rate beyond what Windows recommends. I thought it was in CCC, but I could be wrong.

    Only other thing I know to try is swapping in a different monitor and see if the problem carries over or not. It may rule out the issue being the Monitor.

    If it doesn't support more than 60hz, dont force it any higher. Over time it could damage the monitor.
  9. According to catalyst, the maximum supported refresh rate is 75 hz, which seems to be supported by the monitor specs page ( ).
    However, I can't seem to change it to anything other than 59 or 60 through catalyst and I'm kind of nervous about forcing it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have another monitor handy. Since I don't notice any screen tearing when actually playing games, I don't see how it could be the monitor's fault, though I could be wrong. Maybe I'll try throwing another windows install on and see if it has the same problem.
  10. I can't watch the videos so I can't be certain, but I experience the screen flash/tearing in windows when my GPU clocks change. For some reason they occasionally can't figure out what setting they should be at so they jump around like going from 550/900 to 870/1200, then back down, maybe dropping to 300/500 for a whilte, then back to 550/900. This mostly happens with some sort of media playing, whether youtube or playing a tv show in VLC, but sometimes the flash/tear happens just sort of randomly.

    I was able to greatly reduce it by adjusting my idle clocks in my GPU BIOS, but that's not really a "good" solution for most people. Might want to contact your GPU vendor and see if there is a new BIOS available for your card.
  11. I re-installed windows and the problem appears to have gone away. Thanks for all of the great advice!
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