Max GPU voltage and temp for HD 7850


Anyone knows the maximum GPU voltage and temp for the HD 7850. I have the MSI brand if it is relevant.

Regular V is 1.075 and I heard that 1.3 is max. Anyone can confirm?

I know that when running Furmark burn-in when OC I reach 69C with fans on auto (around 60% at that temp).

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  1. Yeah, 1.3 (or probably 1.25) Vcore is the probably absolute maximum with normal TF cooling, you don't want to fry your GPU. Max temp will be around 85C.
  2. As far as I know MSI only sells it's Power edition 7850 (TFIV) and TFIII. LOL at 86C, I was going to write around 85C, fix'd.
  3. i have a sapphire oc edition at 1150/1450 @ 1.135v, though 1200/1450 is stable at 1.18v, i just don't know if the .5v increase is worth only 50mhz at this point in time.

    temps get up close to 70c in benchmarking, but not quite. although i hit 86c for about 15 minutes because my fan profile didn't turn on and just ran at 10% throughout a benchmark. but that just tells you how good the heatsink/fan is that at 10% it kept the 7850 under 90c.
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