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Hi guys
I'm planning to upgrade my PC. As I will have my birthday, I will be able to allow me to buy one of it parts. This is my full upgrade list:
1. Phenom II x4 945
2. Radeon 6870 (NotRef)
3. 1920x1080 screen ( I'm still on 4:3 :( )
What U should suggest me to choose?
My current rig
Asus AM2+ Mobo
Athlon II x2 240
Asus 5670 ddr3
2x1gb DDR2
Corsair 500w
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  1. Ouch, I don't see either of those as very good upgrades but of the three I would choose the 1080p monitor. If you upgrade the cpu, you won't see very much improvement in anything other than computational stuff. If you upgrade the video card, probably a decent bottleneck going on there. So I would get the monitor especially if you aren't even on widescreen yet.
  2. hmm this is a toughie. with 2 gigs of ram and both processors being pretty poor overclockers i dont think you will see much of a gain performance wise either way. you would probably benefit the most from the 6870 but im sure it will be bottlenecked by the athlon.. i would probably go with the nice monitor like ehanger suggested.
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