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Hey guys
I have a custom PC with the following specs: i3-2120-msi gts450-4gb ddr3 ram- aopen 500w PSU
At my screen resolution (1440x900) it's doing pretty good in games, but I have faced a problem in some games: Spec ops the line, max mayne 3 and ghost recon future soldier. I adjusted their settings to have a good framerate with a good quality, and the games run flawlessly, until the keyboard and mouse shut down. They simply stop responding, but the game keeps on working and doesn't crash. I can't even quit the game, because they shut down completely. I have to turn off the computer with the power button and start all over again. With specs ops, I played with some settings and managed to complete the game. In max payne 3, the problem was very consistent in one specific level, and I had to play with usb configuration and change the placement of the keyboard and mouse cables, and I also managed to finish the whole game. Now I'm playing ghost recon, and this problem came back again. I need a solution for this problem, please.
There are other details I need to mention: the case fan isn't working because I couldn't find the port for it on my new mobo, but the case is actually opened to prevent overheating problems until I grab another case fan with a molex connector. The other parts work perfectly, and I haven't faced this problem in other games (sleeping dogs, fifa 13, alan wake, dishonored, dirt 3, nfs the run, batman arkham city...)
Please answer, this problem is very annoying.
(Also if it's the fan problem, is there a way to manually make the fan work on molex connector ? I read it somewhere but can't remember it.)
Some guys told me it's the PSU that has a problem, so here's my PSU: Aopen Prima Plus Z500-12AE3 80+
It should work normally with the GTS 450 right ? Does it matter which 6-pin connector I use (i have two with this psu)
Thanks !
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    Not a good psu brand BUT I am guessing you are experiencing over heating since there is no air flow in your case. Get some fans ASAP.
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