ASUS 560 Ti DC II 2GB vs EVGA Classified 560 Ti 448

Hi guys..
Im just asking which is better the
or the
EVGA GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Classified
Thanks in advanced :)
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    The 448 core will pergorm better. It has a wider memory bus and more cuda cores. The 448 core card is basically a slightly crippled gtx570, and when overclocked can achieve gtx570 performance levels
  2. A 448 is better than a normal Ti. Do you plan on SLIing in the future? It might be harder to find them in a couple years than a normal 560Ti
  3. i agree with the others. the 448 is the better choice. having 2gb of memory does not make it faster, it will however make is smoother depending on the application.
  4. And the 448 core does have 1280Mb of ram, so it's not like its only 1Gb .Helltech is also coorrect about the matter of sli. These were a limited edition card, and will likely be hard to find by next year
  5. BTW guys which is better for Battlefield 3
    Cuz i think im goin with 448 :D
  6. 448.
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