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GTX680 FTW! -but need some questions.

Hello all!

I just picked up my Geforce GTX680! Got rid of of my paired 5850's. Im sick of crossfire issues and I only play on windows screen so I opted for a single beast of a card.

Few questions. I noticed it says PCI Express 3.0. My motherboard only supports 2.0 (P6X58D-E) does it make a difference in gaming.

Am i bottled necked anywhere?

This is my specs
i7930 (OC'd to 4.2Ghz)
Mobo: P6X58D-E
Cooler: Noctua D-14
SSD: Intel X25-M (80gig)
PS: TX750w
Ram: 6gig XMS3 @ 1600mhz
Monitor: 1920x1080 -24inch LED

Thanks all!
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  1. No bottle neck there. Card is backwards compatible
  2. ^ This.

    Also, no performance difference between PCI-e 3.0 and 2.0 - even super fast cards like the 680 don't saturate PCIe 2.0 bandwidth.
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    Yea your GTX 680 is compatible. 3.0 is backwards compatible with 2.0. So far no real difference... Unless you have a ivy bridge CPU and a Ivy bridge ready mother board. 3.0 is useless.
  4. congrats on the 680 I want one too :<
  5. Thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure. I'm loving this card It looks so sexy. *drools* they got a shipment at Canada Computers and I went to pick one up.
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  7. Yeah congratulations man..and how did you get it...I could not snatched one for months, you are lucky
  8. They didn't even have it on there site. I just walked in and they just arrived. I got lucky. =)
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