Too hot? And a question or two.

"This additional temperature sensor is not necessarily a duplicate. Some CPUs are not actually able to report the internal temperature from their die. To be able to read their temperatures, an additional external sensor (thermocouple) is used. In such cases, you will see two temperatures referring to the processor. The higher of the two is from the die. As a final note, please remember that not all available temperature sensors are actually connected to something. If you happen to read unusually high or low temps, they are likely to be from a disconnected (unused) temperature sensor."

-Speedfan - FAQ

So, which CPU temps should I be worried about, I hear the max temps for this CPU (AMD Phenom II 965) is 62c, after playing for a while I've gotten it up to 59 for the second CPU value, should I be worried? Refer to link for a screenshot of speedfan values.

The first value is well under the safe playing distance, usually sits at about 46c which is crazy low imo for gaming all day. I also hear this chips can be OC'd like crazy, so idk which value I should head. If I OC this thing I dont have a lot of headroom to mess up, only a few degrees and possibly frying the chip. But if the 46 was the more accurate one then I think I got a lot of working room. This is with the stock heatsink, I dont really plan on OC'ing till I get the aftermarket. And this CPU has only been seated for about 3 days, maybe the thermal paste they use hasn't fully cured either idk. Anyway, some insight is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Those temperatures seem normal for that processor, I have the Phenom II X4 955 Black edition which also has the same temperature range as yours and I had the same temperature as well. The key to overclocking it is that you will need an aftermarket cooler I suggest the Kuhler 620 (in a small case) or the Hyper 212 Evo (In a case that has a width of 170mm and above)

    Edit: Try HWMonitor which is very accurate and records the individial core temperature and the die and post a picture of the temperature range then.

    ^-- HWmonitor, not as high as the temps usually get, I've seen it at 55c, maybe I'll just start using this instead of Speedfan, seems more in depth and accurate.

    The Kuhler 620 eh? That seems like an awesome deal to be honest, havn't heard of that before. Thanks for the tip I was just going to get an Cooler master hyper 212 or something simple but I think I'd rather get that :X
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    Well speedfan is known to have issues with quite a few processors and HWmonitor is quite accurate, link to a similar thread where speedfan can show incorrect readings:

    Edit: If you are skeptical of both programs I urge you to use your bios, though you will only be able to record the temps at that instant and that it will be a bit higher since cool'n quiet will be off or if you have intel whatever the downclocking option is called.
    Just to let you know the Kuhler 620 and Hyper 212 evo have the same performance but the Kuhler costs more because it can provide the same cooling with only a fraction of the height (excluding the radiator mounted to the 120mm fan slot) while the Hyper 212 plus is known to have issues with people with small cases.

    Best of luck in selecting a cooler,
  4. My case is 7.8" wide (198.12mm) and the hyper 212 Evo looks like is 159mm, thats including the cable management side panel as well on the case, I think it'll be close but It should fit... I hope, I'm a fan of saving money and if the Evo is the same performance and it fits I dont see why not.1
  5. It's a great choice. ;)
  6. Hyper 212 Evo will be guaranteed to fit your case with a bit of room, maybe 10-20mm? Just remember to match the Kuhler 620's performance its best you install a second fan in the push pull config, so one fan is pushing air through the fins and the fan on the other side is exhausting the air from the other fan. Drop a private message if you have any other questions about anything. The bare minimum for the EVO 212 is 7.5 inches including cable management so yours should fit without any problems. Also don't forget to select a best answer if any of us have satisfied your questions.

    Good day,
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  7. nothing to be worried about my 970 reaches 60' C on prime 95 and its perfectly safer. Besides if it does get too hot it will throttle down anyway
  8. jaideep1337 said:
    nothing to be worried about my 970 reaches 60' C on prime 95 and its perfectly safer. Besides if it does get too hot it will throttle down anyway

    I'm gonna like your facebook page just for the hell of it. :sarcastic:
  9. Thanks a ton guys your amazing :) love this place, and ill keep the pm in mind! Ty ty
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