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I have another which is better type question, though, I haven't found a satisfactory answer yet. I want to get my parents a wireless keyboard and mouse. They have a HTPC on a 60in HDTV. Right now they have USB extension wires running across the living room floor, I know it's been driving my dad nuts since we did that, but he didn't want to spend the money to get a wireless system, his birthday is in November (17) and I've been thinking about getting him a set, they only need to go like 10 - 15 feet, but they have to be super durable, and super reliable or he'll make me keep trying to fix it when I should have just bought something better, SO, there is the 100k$ question.

What's a good, reliable, sturdy, wireless keyboard and mouse? I'd like to stay under 50$ for the pair, but I don't mind going over if there's a good one that's like 65$. I don't think I can afford a bluetooth kit, and again, I don't know about the reliability. Any input will be a help.
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  1. Enermax is known to make solid products, here is a keyboard and mouse combo with a maximum length of 30 feet for wireless connectivity:

    Here is a pretty solid looking one again but this time with a 33 feet radius it even mentions its good for living room uses :
  2. The enermax seems like a legit combo, but a few of the reviewers said it seems flimsy, and that's exactly what I don't want. The mouse in particular *WILL* be dropped fairly frequently (they use it on the arm of an armchair and leave it there, and the cats play with it, they might play with it less if it's got no wire, but really, I don't want to chance it) The keyboard can probably take less of a beating than the mouse, but the keyboard will be dropped off the coffee table every time the cat catches it and slides off the side. I should explain. My mom breeds Ragdoll cats, she's not a big time breeder, couple females, one male, but we have kittens almost year round, and like 10 big cats outside of her breeding cats. We have one dog, but he's not hard on the computer stuff like the cats are.
  3. I think if I'm gonna go 90 for just the keyboard I might instead go with something like
  4. That's certainly a good choice but doesnt that one use Bluetooth technology and in the original post you claimed you did not want to buy a Bluetooth set?
  5. I use one of these on my HTPC. It's not full size but works great and doesn't take up a lot of space.
  6. @socialfox
    It's not that I don't want to use bluetooth, it's that I figured it'd be more expensive to implement. Again, the idea is keyboard and mouse under 50$ that can take a royal beating.

    That does look sturdy, but kinda need full size keyboard and mouse. The rents hate trackballs.
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    Truth is for $50 dollars you can't find a good deal on a wireless keyboard and mouse that can take a real bad beating, the only virtually indestructible keyboard I know off are those rubber/silicon ones but they connect via usb.
  8. Ya, that's about what I been seein' too. Why on earth do they make them so flimsy? I guess I'll save up and see what I can get them maybe for Christmas. Thank you guys.
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