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To cut right to the chase im going to be buying the bitfenix shinobi window version
and i am going to be modding it. I´d like to hear your opinions and suggestions :)

what i have thought of so far is:

switch the window for a green acrylic one and put a very nice abstract-like sticker.. hard to explain it for me.
//the inside will have 2 green led fans and 2 more on the cpu cooler plus a cold cathod below
cut out Helios above the BitFenix logo since that is going to be the name of the computer
put remains of the acrylic glass behind the logo and text and place led straps around so it will shine ot
Helios and the bitFenix logo.
and finally I am thinking of lighting up the grills on the front and top with some green el wire.

what do you guys think?

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  1. the little grates along the case pull them off sand them down and paint them green make sure to do light strokes so it won't bubble
  2. You could aways look through the galleries here to get more ideas and maybe ask the builder how they managed a certain mod,
    theres a gallery in homebuild and one in the overclocking section too
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