Power connectors: EATXPWR vs ATX. EATX12V vs 2x4 ATX 12V

I used to have an ASUS H67 changed to Gigabyte H77M-D3H. I noticed ASUS uses EATXPWR to denote the big power supply connector (24 pins?) And EATX12V to denote the smaller one (8 pin). On my Gigabyte, it says ATX for the large one, and ATX_12V_2x4 for the smaller one, I wonder if they are compatible? If its not compatible they shouldn't fit?

I am using Seasonic M12II 500W I think, (sure its seasonic but about the models and wattage not so sure ...). Should be the right series as I recognize the box. exact wattage not sure ... Are they compatible? I am getting the problem where it starts fans, and they die down. I also left only 1 RAM connected, no GPU (using integrated), no HDD connected either.
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    Yeah, it's fine.

    All 24 pin "main" connectors are the same (ATX spec) and it's the same for the 12V 4/4+4/8 pin CPU power connectors. Normally, the 4 pin connector is called the ATX 12V CPU connector, and the 4+4 or 8 pin (same thing) connector is called the EATX 12V CPU connector.
  2. the 24 PIN connections are the same.

    the 8 PIN connector can be split into 2 4PIN connectors but it is the same
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