More system ram vs dedicated graphics


I'm considering buying a laptop but im torn between two models.

And a friend said its all about cpu and to look at the benchmark scores.

However im not certain. I will be using this to run the usual stuff but in addition I like to play WoW and have multi accounts that i play at once. so will more memory or a gpu be better ...pls help its driving me mad!!!

One has a dedicated gpu (AMD Radeon HD 7470M) with less ram (6gb) and a quad core amd ((AMD-A series 3430MX APU 1.7ghz) which is lower on bench test) than the other laptop,

which has 8BG ram, intergrated graphics but has an Intel® Core™i5-2430M 2.4ghz which scores higher on benchmark


Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Are you sure you want a laptop if you are going to be playing multiple WoW accounts at once? It might be best to use a desktop and get a couple monitors set up.

    If not I can help you pick out a laptop.

    Also it is most definitely not "all about the CPU" the graphics power matters greatly, especially on a laptop.
  2. Have to agree with Helltech. Playing multiple WoW accounts is an exact scenario where gamers set up multi-displays to their rig. Also, Desktops tend to run cheaper than laptops in general. Unless you need a mobile system I would definitely recommend a desktop. And some desktop cases have handles built into them for people who LAN and need to move their rig from location to location.

    Other than that. I would always go with more GPU power.
  3. In this case the AMD CPU laptop would be the better choice, but neither are that good.

    A desktop would probably be more useful to you for running multiple instances of WoW at once (not sure how you would manage that though lol).
  4. thanks guys yeh I know a desktop would be the better choice but it does need to be portable for my other uses im afraid :-( but thanks for your swift replies..looks like the amd one is winning the race!

    I might see if I can stretch to both a cheaper laptop and a desktop maybe ;-)

    Thanks again
  5. Well if you need portability and are considering that you might be able to get a laptop and a cheap desktop... maybe just get a better laptop?

    The problem with laptops is that they are all pretty much unique to each vendor. So, there's a ton of options for configurations out there. I'd just suggest keep looking around at different brands and stores to see if there's any sales. A 7470m is a pretty poor GPU, even if it's better than Intel HD. If you can get something with like a 6850m, 6870, 555m, 640m those are decent.
  6. Honestly I wouldn't get either of those laptops for what you want, look into getting a different one personally. If you "need" a laptop for other purposes are those purposes even gaming, if they are something like just web-surfing, or documents, or watching videos you can get something extremely low-end and then build a desktop.
  7. Buy the cheapest no-frill laptop you can find (heck buy an old pentium M off flea bay for $100)... use it for internet/mail/school/work.

    A laptop will NOT do what you are asking it unless you spend a considerable amount of money.

    Use the money you save to build the computer that can do what you want.

  8. Thanks again think the cheaper laptop and desktop approach looks like the best route.

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