Fps Freezing then Speeding Up

I would like some help troubleshooting my Alienware MX18. I ran Diablo 3 Beta last night and it was the breaking point for me. the Frame rate freezes and the speeds back up this happens about every minute or so somtimes more this is a brand new Laptop. SWTOR runs no problem 35+FPS Max settings any ideas or help would be appreciated.
*Win 7
*8gig ram
*I7 processor
*Nividea GTX560
*1Tb hard drive
I would also be willing to do remote sessions.
Also when this happens I experiance audio repeating.
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  1. its more than likely a problem with the Diablo Beta that will be fixed when drivers come from Nvidia and AMD for the game as well as the game being finished.

    If you don't have this problem in any other scenario I'm guessing that's the problem.

    You have ample horsepower to play that game.
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