Sapphire HD 6450, Catalyst problems?

Hey I recently bought a Sapphire HD 6450 and I installed the drivers off the disk and everything worked fine and could change my clock speeds and see my GPU temperatures. I just installed all the new drivers and Catalyst from the AMD site using the scroll down menus to my series of GPU. I restarted my computer after the installation was completed and my drivers seem to be working fine but when I opened catalyst it said it's unable to detect my hardware, has anybody got any ideas what could be the cause? I would really like to keep an eye on the temps as it's passively cooled and has got upto 80c playing world of tanks at 700mhz. maby a 3rd party GPU temp monitor recommendation? although I'd much rather have Cata since you get a few overclocking options.

Upgraded catalyst from "05/11?" (I think) to 03/12.

I upgraded from an ATI 2400 HD pro

My specs are:

PSU: 250 Watt
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 2.66
Mobo: Acer F671CR (Retail "SA90"
OS: Vista home premium 32 bit

Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. No reply :(...

    My issues is that after I installed the new version of the Catalyst control center I opened the interface for the first time after I restarted my PC I opened Catalyst Control Center and it said "Unable to detect AMD hardware"

    Has anybody got any ideas on how to fix this?
    Should I uninstall then reinstall Catalyst?

  2. I've also got to add that this only happend the first time I started Cata, ever since then I don't get an error message and just opens the interface with no options apart from presets. I can't view my drivers "software" or hardware.
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