Optimal airflow question for HAF912

Hi Tom's, I just ordered parts for a new rig and should be putting it together on Friday. I have a question about airflow. I got the HAF 912 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119233 ) as well as the Hyper 212+ cooler, which I plan on mounting vertically blowing to the back of the case.

I found this pic on the Coolermaster website...


as (I think) a suggestion for (optimal?) airflow for the case.

Looks respectable to me (front-to-back, bottom-to-top), but I'm concerned about the cooler fan and the PSU fan (which I assume is going to be pointing down going through the bottom of the case). Are those going to mess up the flow? Do I need to worry about the PSU fan making negative flow?

Thoughts and comments welcome; thanks for reading.
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  1. Personally, its better for you to have positive airflow in your case (more intake than exhausts), perhaps you should use the 200mm fan as an intake? It would help your cpu temperatures since the air will be blowing down on the fins and then the power supply can exhaust and the normal exhaust fan at the back too.
  2. Do as the diagram says.

    Making the 200mm an intake would not be a sensible thing to do it would blow the rising hot air back down in the case and it would also likely stop the smaller 120mm exhaust working properly.
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