New build turns itself off then on repeatedly.

My new build only as of the last day or so just been randomly turning itself off then on.
Once it does it once it keeps doing it over and over and I cant even get my MSI splash screen up.
This is really irritating me, had me distracted pretty much all day werkin...
The power supply is a TX650 v2, soooo, like, what the gordan?!

Corsair TX650 v2
i5 2500k(cooler master 212 evo but whatever.)
MSI Z68 GD55 (G3)
XFX HD 6850
Corsair vengeance 4x4g 1600mhz
eff the other specs.
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  1. Stand offs in right place of course, motherboard did not touch the case itself... btw.
  2. try one stick of ram. if the mb cant set the ram speed right it goes into a reboot loop. if it does it with one stick of ram see if yuo can get another stick of ram from another vendor..check to see that the ram you have is on the mb qal list or the vendor tested the ram in your mb. on your mb check that the aux power is connected on some mb it a 4 pin plug on others it an 8 pin. aos check that if your video card has two 6 or two 8 pin power there both plugged in. the other oppsie...check to see if you plugged in the reset button to the reset header. if not you could be shorting the mb out and locking it into reset mode.
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