Core i5 3570K vs Undervolted 3570K and 2500K,etc

I have been going thru quite some reviews for Ivy Bridge cpus. likely to build a desktop in a months time. just now i have gone thru a review here by Chris as on this link:


All the more i am going in favor of choosing Core i5 3570K. i am not going to overclock it straight away. but sometime in future and/or when i need it.

This PC will be used as mixed bag, starting with some servers(windows/Linux/Oracle/Web/FTP, etc) (mostly for my own use) .. however this will also include occasional use of DTP and video transcoding and occasionally playing games on it, not many high end games though, will decide on a discrete graphics card later if required.

However what i am trying to factor is, if i want to keep this as server running 24/7 occasionally for a few days when needed, will it be more efficient while undervolting it? or the performance will also go down when doing so.

or is there a better option at a similar price range CPU?

Mainly i am looking for a CPU which would deliver a punch when i need it and at other times just wind down to save power.

The motherboard i am thinking of is Maximus V Gene

but please do suggest, i am open for any good suggestions or ideas.
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  1. video proscessing? if you wanna do alot of that, go with i3 or i7, i5 doesnt have hyperthreading so video rendering takes more time, thats all i know, hope somebody else can chip in to the conversation too, im not that good with pc building, i havent built 1 yet :( i need to wait 5 months b4 i can get the parts, but im pretty good with the specs and stuff.
  2. Core i7-3770k is a tad too costly for my budget with a similar performance to core i5-3570k ..i know i does have better timings in case of video encoding,etc but those few seconds or minutes i can wait for core-i5 its not that much far behind with the value for money i get with it...and as for gaming and other things i5 is still at same level to i7 as processor doesnt make much difference....thats my point of view...maybe somebody can correct me if i'm wrong.
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