GTX570 and ASUS 248H: Windows 7 Desktop Resolution Maxed at 1024x768

Two days ago my recent build jacked up my Windows 7 desktop resolution. Windows is not allowing my Asus VE248H, which had been running at 1920x1080 just fine, to display the desktop in any resolutions except 800x600 and 1024x768. I'm running a GTX 570 and have reinstalled the latest beta, stable, and the previous stable build. No luck (296.10 was driver in use when problem first occured... had been using it since release without error). What am I missing here?

i5 2500k
8gb DDR3
ASUS Maximus IV Gene Z micro-ATX mobo
750GB hard drive w/40gb Intel SSD
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  1. Okay so in the process of troubleshooting I discovered that the ASUS ROG BIOS screen wasn't displaying on when booting... guess the problem is a little bigger than just a display issue. Anyone with a ROG mobo experience this before?
  2. You mean the ROG picture isn't coming up? You sure that isn't just disabled in the BIOS? because you can turn that off.
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