Is newegg really that good? I ordered a few items from newegg more than 10 days ago and it still saying "being prepared in the warehouse". It is way beyond their promised 1 to 2 day processing time. I called customer service 2 days ago and they said they will get back to me about the status but they never did. I called again yesterday and they said everything would be shipped out by the end of yesterday and said I would be able to get the tracking numbers off the website. But till now it is still "being prepared in the warehouse". I'm very unhappy and disappointed...this is one of the worse exp i've ever had in buying computer parts...anyone had bad experience with newegg before?
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  1. What did u order? Sometimes companies can't produce enough of teh product.

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  2. I'm ordering just some items which i think is quite popular.
    1. Athlon 1700+ retail
    2. Epox 8kha+
    3. IBM 60GXP 60gb hdd

    If they tell me they're backordered or out of stock I would understand and just wait or order it from somewhere else. What I'm angry about is just they didn't say anything and even lie to me...
  3. That's really odd, because I use them often. All the time infact and I've never had problems at all. Once there was an order that took them a little while to send out, but then they upgraded the shipping for me. I've also had a few defective products and have had no problem returning them. Their prices are good and site is quite informative. Sorry you've had bad luck with them, but I've had nothing but success. Hope it all works out
  4. never tried NewEgg, but <A HREF="" target="_new"> GoogleGear </A> is a Great Site...never had a problem...

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  5. is your billing address different from the shipping address?
    if so then they have to contact the credit card comp to verify the shipping address. This could add a few days to your order time (depends on the credit card comp)

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