Gigabit and Wifi Madness

Here is my problem......

I have a small home network. I have a router, a switch, and 3 pc's. I need 2 of the PC's to connect via the switch to each other. I also need those PC's to connect via wifi to my router, without interrruption of each other. In other words I need to have them all enabled and connected at the same time.

PC1 has 1 802.11g network card (connected to router) and 1 Gigabit ethernet adapter (Connected to PC 2 via gigabit switch)

PC2 has 1 802.11g network card (connected to router) and 1 Gigabit ethernet adapter (Connected to PC 1 via gigabit switch)

PC3 has 1 10/100 network adapter connected to router (not wireless)

PC 1 & 2 need to be connected to the switch and the router simultaneously, and pc3 just needs to connect to the router.

So far I can get either wifi or gigabit to work, but not both at the same time, If Wifi is connected gigabit needs to be disabled and vice cersa. Wifi is used for internet and Gigabit is used for remote control of pc 2 and file transfers bothways. Wifi is a standard setup with no wep enabled, dhcp enabled, but access control is on.

I have tried bridging the connections and experimenting with various other settings, but nothing seems to work. btw both pc's are using windows xp pro

Help Please and thanks in advance
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  1. You're killing yourself.

    Connect the router to the switch.
    The switch connects to PC3.
    PC1 and PC2 connect wirelessly to the Router, which is connected to the switch, which is connected to PC3. All 3 PCs are then connected.

    You won't need to use the wired connection on 1 or 2 since they're wireless. Connect your Router to the Switch via cable. That'll solve your problem.
  2. I cannot physically connect the router to the switch as they are on oppositte ends of the house. It seems crazy that I cant just set one connection to connect only to the switch and the other to only wifi........
  3. Either go wireless or run a long cable to do it.. because what you're trying to do isn't going to work easily.
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