How do you find your own security key to your wifi

Need to conect a laptop top the net work but can noy find it on the router. What can I do to get it. Netgear says its encrypted and therefore for assistance there will be a charge, what non-sense.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    If you can't find it in the Netgear then you must know how to get into the settings so go straight to Wireless in the left hand pane then scroll the centre pane to Security and take a note of the key.

    If as Netgear says, it is encrypted, all you'll see is asterisks so you need to go back to the left pane and scroll up to ADSL settings, take a note the ISP login and password details so you can then reset the router to factory settings and start again. Make sure you set a strong key - WPA at least and preferably WPA2.

  2. 1. Press the reset button on the back until the test light blinks. This takes about 10 seconds. (To avoid accidental resets, the small button is recessed. Use a pen or paperclip to access it.)
    2. Release the button.
    3. Wait for the router to reboot.
    4. Log in with the default password.


    Username = admin
    Password = password
    Older Netgear devices, password = 1234

    Then go into the wireless security settings and reset with the new password and security settings.Use WPA if available.

    Hope this helps!
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