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Hey all,

Ok I currently have a 6970. I am very interested in upgrading to one of the new 28nm fabs and although I have been a long time ATI user, I keep seeing that the 680 GTX is faster and the cost of the 7970 is just too high for what it gives.

I would just like an opinion on whether I should go for the 680, the 7970 or whether I should just buy another 6970. I have noticed in BF3 that although it runs well, in larger open areas I tend to take an FPS hit which I hate to see. I love to run my games at highest settings with minimal loss and money isnt really that big of an issue I am looking for the best performance.

Also, if the consensus is that getting another 6970 is a good way to go, do I need the exact same brand/model in order for Xfire to work? I also get nervous with Xfire because it seems like theres always extra issues that come with it, I always seem to see issues on release notes specific to it so I kind of prefer a single GPU setup.

Anyways thanks for any input!

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  1. The 7970 is not too expensive; it runs at least 100$ cheaper than the GTX680 and provide comparable performance, and even better on some benchmarks. 7970 went down in price recently, making it around a 470-500$ investment. I'd say go for the 7970 since the slight increase in performance on the 680 isn't worth 100-150$
    As for xfire or 7970, I'd take a 7970.
  2. I would get another 6970 if you can get a good price on it.
  3. I am leaning toward you hongg, but I wouldn't mind getting another opinion on the 680 vs 7970 side of things.

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