1st gen i7 965x(extreme edition) vs. i5/i7 2nd gen


I currently own a i7 965x (extreme edition) processor and I was curious about the new gen of i processors. Are the i5 or i7 simple (not extreme editions) better that the extreme editions of their predecessors or have they improved in some categories? I'm asking this because I want to know if it's an advantage that I move on the next gen or stick to what I have.
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  1. It's not time to move on yet. Your CPU has plenty of life left in it to take it to the next generation, Haswell.
  2. I agree. You won't gain much at all by upgrading, especially since you got the extreme edition.
  3. Looks like it's still going strong:


    Give it a while yet.
  4. Let's say I'll keep it...what mobo should I use to oc it, because I'm completely lost with all the new sockets. I don't know which new socket is compatible with it.
  5. maybe for even 2-4 years from now,
    the fourth year maybe it lost the power but still able to compete with low-mid end cpu,
    then it the time for upgrade,

    wait for skylake maybe?
  6. If you don't already have a MB that will overclock that CPU, now is not the time to buy one. You will be buying old technology. Just use the cpu as is and be happy with it.
  7. So a mobo that would lift up the cpu at 4 and smth would worthy for the bucks?
  8. Just overclock! :D
  9. I would oc but I don't really trust my mobo for such a high oc...that's why I was interested in these new sockets, to see if they're compatible with my cpu.
  10. They're not.
  11. I think it really depends on what the pc is used for. For gaming, you dont need to upgrade at all...
  12. I use this pc for video and photo editing, but mostly for video. And I need it to have a good set up so there won't be any losses from the cpu, because of other parts.
  13. Just to give you some info on newer sockets

    LGA 1155 - Replaces LGA 1156 and is for the mainstream i3 , i5 and i7 processors

    LGA 2011 - Replaces LGA 1366 and is for the high end i7 extreme processors(sandybridge - E)

    There are only a few processors on the 2011 socket 3960x,3930k and 3820 are a few of them

    As other people did say there is no need to upgrade. Take your CPU to the next gen. I'm sure it will not bottleneck anytime soon
  14. But my question is if is there any new socket that is compatible with my cpu, or do I have to go to it's own socket type and search for mobos? The only thing I want to upgrade now is the mobo.
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