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Hello everyone. I realise my stock cpu fan+heatsink is dying out so I decided to get a new one. The thing is that WHILE I'M AT IT, I thought I might as well overclock my cpu... however since I have never done it before, I'm afraid of buying a fan which won't do well enough/is low budget.

These are my specs:

I had my eyes on this one mainly...


But please DO TELL if you recommend something different/better for the job. I plan on doing only a minor overclock since it is my first time so any advice would be great!

I wasn't sure whether to post this thread here or in the overclocking section, fogive me if I happen to be wrong...
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  1. Don't buy that thing you found on ebay.
    Please read this article and pick something for yourself:

    Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO is a good choice.
  2. Yeah, a hyper 212 evo should be the best choice. But id recommend it with a push/pull config, with aerocool shark's.
  3. Check out the Thermalright Archon.
  4. I have only rave for my CM 212 EVO and push/pull Cougar Vortex's.
  5. Buy a super jumbo electric fan and just focused the airway on your pc unit. It'll make it.
  6. well I must say you've all opened my eyes more...
    was thinking about getting the "Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro R2" instead of the 212 evo... because I'm scared I won't be able to fit it into my case.
    My case is almost exactly 180 mm wide, and the cooler is 160 mm. I still think that somehow the inside of the case will be shorter and it won't fit... ofc I would definitely go with the EVO 212 if I were 100% sure... what do you guys think, is 180 mm normal for a case?
  7. I wouldn't bother with the heatsink you listed it looks cheap and junky. What type of case do you have. I would go with a hyper 212 EVO if it can fit in your case.
  8. this is my case

    its called mars red.

    I am aware that it is "supposed to fit" just about... but even if it does I want to be SURE that its not gonna cause some different kind of problem which I don't know about instead (eg. heatsink too close to the plastic wall and ends up heating the case sides too much or something.. I don't know...)
  9. It should fit just fine. Do you know the exact width across the top from the left to right side?
  10. Whatever fan you use I picked up 3/4c improvement when I installed it with the mobo out on the case vs in it. Getting these big azz coolers fans stuffed in you case in is a PAIN and not getting them centered right can make a big diff, just give in from the start pull your mobo, clean out all the dust, re-run all your cables, add a case fan/s if you don't have them, worth 5c at the end of the day..
  11. Quote:
    Do you know the exact width across the top from the left to right side?

    yes. 18 cm wide. 42 cm long. 42 cm high. all measured from the outside though without including the mobo inside and the 80mm side fan which *might* create obstacles when installing. The reason I didn't measure the inside yet is mainly cus I don't think I will get an accurate measurement anyway and its quite a hastle. But I will do it if u think I really should.
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