Asrock P67 E4 and i5 2500k video not displaying


Just today after months of no problems my pc has suddenly stopped displaying on my monitor, i know it's not the monitor as it works fine with my laptop, however it coudl just be the DVI port not working but i don't have different connectors to check. I have tried all the suggestions in the thread here:

To no avail. I have reseated every connection (including on the modular PSU) and i get no error codes from my motherboard when I try to boot up normally with everything in. Everything else is normal as far as i can tell.

I have tried with a different graphics card I have (Sapphire HD 4870) whihc also doesn't display any signal, making me think this is a motherboard issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


Full specs of PC:

i5 2500k with Xigmatek Gaia (not OC'd)
8GB Corsair 1600Mhz Vengeance LP
Asrock P67 Extreme 4
ASUS HD 6950 reference
Samsung F1 1TB
Corsair HX650
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  1. New development, after clearing the cmos and changing the PCIe slot the 6950 was in I now get an error code of "A3" which signifies an IDE error (as far as I can tell). This shouldn't be affecting the video output though...
  2. Found a connector from DVI to VGA and i get video so looks like my monitors DVI is broken :(
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