First case mod?

Well, im making a case for a micro ATX computer (not gaming) and am making an awesome case mod.

what im doing, is essentially putting a computer in a aluminum(?orsomething else if it would work better) basketball case. its more of a shell, though. meaning, im taking one of those square computer cases, and mounting it inside the basketball. ill have extenders for the usb and audio ports (, im making a tunnel for the dvd burner and having a swing door to access the back panel. then im placing rubber where the basketball grip lines are and making cuts on both sides of the rubber grips and having orange cathodes shine light. to keep the now separate sheets in place im having brackets ( something like this to connect them in place. i think this will work.
ive worked with metal before and the brackets should keep them in place as long as i have enough of them. the swing door would be rather easy to accomplish (id just need two of these id mount the case inside the ball using 4 clamping (?) brackets connected to a table like stand inside of the basketball. the actual case would be supported by metal wire rope onto the top of the shell to avoid to much pressure on the bottom.

do you guys think this would work? where could i buy semi-spherical sheets of aluminum(?) ? if you have any questions, feel free to ask. its sorta complex and hard to explain, but i did my best :p
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  1. Very unique idea here, make sure you keep it inaccessible to small children and nincompoops so as to keep them from shooting hoops with it.

    As far as the aluminum goes you can get flat sheets and form them to shape your self quite easily, think rolling and pressing. Aluminum is very easy to manipulate without heat.

    Also keep in mind that the material basket balls are made of is an insulator, you'll want to expel all that hot air somehow or you could easily see some issues with heat.

    To make the fan(s) seem flush cut a hole to size and have them inset a bit so you can make a grill to fit in the form you made, this is what will eliminate the sharp corners from protruding out the side of your case.
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