What one?!?

Hi I need a graphics card for playing world of warcraft at ultra or close with out frame rate issues i also wouldn't mind it being able to play bf 3 and skyrim

i have around 140£ and was wounding what one to get so can you help me please.
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  1. The GTX 560 Ti is the best bang for the buck in the market. It is a little bit over your budget but it's worth it. Ive never played world of warcraft so i wouldnt know if it plays on ultra but what i do know and have tried myself is skyrim, which plays at ultra and battlefield which also plays at ultra but with MSAA off.

  2. Hmmm... I didn't think there would be much of a price difference. He could also go for a GTX 560 non-Ti which performs better and is withing his price range :D

  3. True that is cheaper and with in his price range good job finding that.
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